Estimation Quiz

How well do you know things that you don't really know?

If you think that's a silly question, then this quiz is for you.

What is this about?

How far is it from Edinburgh to Cardiff? When did the English Civil War break out? How long does light from the sun take to reach the Earth? You probably have some idea of the answers to questions like these — or you could make a guess. But do you know when your guesses are right, and when they're wildly off?

This is a general knowledge quiz which tests you on how well you can answer questions like these — and whether you know how good your guesses are.

For each question, you will give an answer in the form,

a b

a should be your best guess at the answer. b is your idea of roughly how far off your guess might be. If you're absolutely sure of the answer, you can tick "this is the exact answer"; but if you do, and you are wrong, your score will suffer.

You get points for how good your guess of a is, and whether b was an honest estimate of how wrong you were.

There are no trick questions in this quiz.

Some results from the quiz

You can read about what I've learned so far from the quiz, on my web log. More soon.

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